Protecting your business Employees, Suppliers and Customers from Account Takeover

With credential compromise being the number 1 way criminals gain access to your corporate network and sensitive information you need to protect your employee's from Account Take Over (ATO) and take control of your exposure before the criminals do.

By monitoring the Dark Web SpyCloud will let you know when any email identities from your domain appear on the dark web which allows you to be proactive about and get in control.

With many people reusing passwords across multiple sites, and between personal/work accounts you can also add personal email addresses for key staff to provide extended protection for them and your business. The reality is that if a users personal password is compromised it is likely that the business password is also compromised.

Here at Madhouse IT, we can provide a SpyCloud solution to meet your needs, be that of a small business with 1 or 2 Employees or a large Enterprise with 1000s of users.

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Employee ATO Prevention

Employee account takeover is a type of online fraud that occurs when attackers use stolen logins to gain access to corporate accounts.

SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention enables enterprises to stay ahead of account takeover by detecting and resetting compromised passwords early, before criminals have a chance to use them

Active Directory Guardian

If you are using Active Directory or Azure AD, with SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian, you can detect and reset compromised passwords automatically using the largest database of stolen credentials in the world.

SpyCloud API

Automate account takeover prevention and reporting into your existing workflows using the SpuCloud API

  • Integrate into SIEMs and other internal detection tools for consolidated visibility
  • Proactively protect consumer and employee accounts from account takeover


Third Party Insight

Allowing 3rd Party Access to your resources for maintenance or management, some of the largest breaches have been caused by 3rd party compromise.

Using SpyCloud Third Party Insight, you can monitor these accounts to see if compromised credentials appear on the dark web, with this visibility of your third-party exposures you can take prompt action to remediate.

Consumer ATO Prevention

SpyCloud helps you reduce fraud by ensuring your customers are who they say they are. When users create new passwords, you can check them against SpyCloud’s entire database to find out if the new password has ever been exposed before. SpyCloud can also alert you when credentials tied to your consumers appear in a new data breach, enabling you to reset passwords or choose an appropriate step-up authentication path for affected users without adding unnecessary friction

Fraud Investigation

Just like the rest of us, criminals rely on online accounts that are subject to data breaches. SpyCloud accelerates online fraud investigations by making data recovered from those breaches actionable for investigators.

Drawing on billions of records recovered from third-party breaches, SpyCloud enables investigators to piece together decades-worth of criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud.