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A focused security vendor with a portfolio they allows us to protect your endpoints (laptops, desktops, Windows or MacOS), mobile devices (Windows 10, MacOS, iOS and Android), servers (Windows and Linux) as well as your network infrastructure with network firewalls that can protect both your premises and cloud infrastructure.

They round out the portfolio with management of full disk encryption, email filtering, user education and cloud infrastructure monitoring.

All managed by Sophos Central, Sophos helps protect all your infrastructure with a single pane of glass management platform that is easy to use.


The OneLogin Identity Platform extends your User Identities to provide Single Sign On (SSO) with Multifactor Authentication across your environment as well as providing managed secure password storage for applications.

Leverage its capabilities to onboard and offboard staff easily as well as simplify password resets.

Let us show you how an Identity Platform can both make your life easier and more secure.


Protecting your Employees from Account Takeover

With credential compromise being the number 1 way criminals gain access to your corporate network and sensitive information you need to protect your employee's from Account Take Over (ATO) and take control of your exposure before the criminals do.

By monitoring the Dark Web SpyCloud will let you know when and email identities from your domain appear on the dark web which allows you to be proactive about and get in control.

With many people reusing passwords across multiple sites, and between personal/work accounts you can also add personal email addresses for key staff to provide extended protection for them and your business. The reality is that if your users personal password is compromised it is likely that the business password is also compromised.

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An Endpoint security vendor with a portfolio that protects your end points and helps you manage your risk factors.  All managed by GravityZone Cloud, or by your own managed on premise GravityZone Management Server.


Looking for an easy to use, strong secondary authentication key. Look no further than YubiKey’s from Yubico.

With physical key’s that supports WebAuthn, FIDO2, OTP, U2F, SmartCard or OpenPGP via USB-A, USB-C or NFC. Yubico has a YubiKey option for you.

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